Now we have given you a little bit of background about us and why we have chosen to dedicate our page and work life to roofing & tree service, we can begin discussing what this page was brought back for.

Experience, References, & Portfolios

These are the three things that you should have a mental check list prepared for in your head when thinking about hiring either a roofer or an arborist.

tree3Experience really doesn't need that much explanation and hopefully kind of speaks for itself. You want to look for a team of contractors or arborists that have plenty of experience in working with whatever job you are looking to have done. A brand new company might have the passion that more experienced companies have, but without the necessary experience and years of work under their belts their work will most represent it.

It surprises me how often people have called and wanted help finding a team of contractors and didn't think to ask the company themselves for a list of references they have worked for. Any reputable company will have a list of references ready to go and more than happy to hand over to any potential new customer. Never be afraid to ask for this list and walk away if they are hesitant at all.

Portfolios are similar to references in that any company that is worth hiring will have a portfolio of their past work readily available and ready to show off. Here is a page on how to make a good portfolio that you can use as a reference as to what to look for.

Would you trust hiring a team of guys that aren't proud and excited to show you some of the work that they have done?