Hello Tulsa!


Is there anyone else out there who feels as if there are almost too many resources out there that try and claim they are the best at what they do? With the internet being so readily available to pretty much anyone and anywhere, the number of companies and groups out there who claim to be exactly what you are looking for is almost too great.

Well we here at Help Line Tulsa are going to do exactly that, but we have the experience and the knowledge to back up our claims.

Where We Began

Our company began back in the year 2000 and our original owner started it as a helpline for a number of different things, including family help and more serious life changing matters who needed a help line to call. Now that we have changed owners and comprised a brand new team from scratch, we have changed the direction of our company and page to better suit what we are all more passionate about and experienced with, roofing & tree care.

Every member of our team has a background and experience in either tree service or roofing and we have teamed up to help those of you out there who might not have as much experience as us and need a few tips on choosing the right company to hire for whatever work you are looking to have.

You want your house to stand out from others in your neighborhood, right? Well choosing a professional arborist and roofing contractor is going to help you do exactly that.


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